Just Passin' Through

Friday, December 31, 2010

My Momma!!

Well well where to begin! I'm not sure! Over Christmas break it has really hit me just how amazing my mother is. No it has not taken me 25 years to figure this out! ha
She is just always going nonstop! She retired about a year ago and I think it was the best thing ever for her! Yes she was a great teacher, for like 30 years (mostly special ed.) but she deserved to retire. She is a woman that can just go an go and go. Now that she is retired she can up and come see me in Columbia or my brothers in Mississippi and Kentucky. Obviously, Andrew gets to see her the most...WHY??? Well he has the kids which means her grandkids...and man she is obsessed!!! ha I LOVE that she and my dad and just go and see them whenever they please, they both deserve it. My mom has always been the one that does for everyone, always always puts others before herself. She has wore so many hats in her life its just amazing! I can only hope to be like her one day. She is a daughter, wife, mother, friend, teacher, aunt, sister, cousin...and the list goes on! She is the aunt that all her nieces and nephews LOVE!! It's always can we go to Aunt Gayna's house! She always goes to their ball games, band concerts, plays, and anything else they are involved in. You always know she will do whatever for whoever! She is a true inspiration to me and I love her very much! She used to have a license plate that said "The one and only GAYNA" and that is TRUE!!!!! Everyone knows Gayna or Mrs. Taylor!! And I'm glad that I can call her MOMMA!!!

Nana and Poppy

Nana with her kiddos

Mom with her Friend in Honduras!

Mom and her Daughters in Honduras

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful time of the year...

WOW!!!! I can’t believe that Christmas is here again! This year has absolutely flown by! But I’m so excited because this is truly my most favorite time of the year!! I first want to give thanks to God for all that we have to be thankful for. Yesterday, (Wednesday) was 5 years ago that my dad suffered a massive heart attack! I can’t thank God enough for allowing my daddy to still be here with us today! That Christmas was a true nightmare for me BUT with God we got through it and my dad is doing GREAT!!!!
Tonight my dad called my niece and nephew and he was “Santa”! It was great!! We put it on speaker phone so we could hear Mattingly…it was hilarious!! Mattingly told Santa she wanted a leapster! She also asked Santa what kind of cookies he liked and what kind of milk he wanted!! It was precious! Then McCoy gets on the phone, he isn’t talking much and he said, “ho ho ho” and “ball” his two favorite words right now! They are the funniest two kids and they getting so big!! Mattingly will be 4 in February and I feel it was just yesterday we waited up all night for her to be born!! Time flies!! Have to enjoy them while we can! Tomorrow, Christmas eve, Matthew and Hannah will be here and then Saturday afternoon Andrew and his family will be here. Now, for me having to wait until Christmas day night to open presents its nothing but torture!!! Ha I am and will always be the little kid at Christmas!! : ) Even though I know everything I am getting this year there is still something about opening presents Christmas morning!!
I ask everyone to say a special prayer for everyone who is missing a loved one this Christmas. I know we all miss our loved ones all the time but the holidays are really hard! I miss my great grandmother so much at Christmas! Especially this year…she would have been 100 on Sept. 15…she was one special lady to me!!! I love you Bea!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!! Happy New year!!!