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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mattingly

Happy Birthday
Mattingly Reese!!!

Today we celebrated my niece, Mattingly's 3rd birthday!! Her actual birthday is on Feb. 7. She had a polka dot party! It was super cute! We had it at the elementary school my brother used to work at. It was great because we could play in the gym. The kids had a blast!!! It was a great day!! I still can't believe that she is three!!!

Mattingly when she
was just a few minutes old! Feb. 7, 2007 Mattingly's 1st birthday- Hello Kitty Mattingly's 2nd birthday!! She had pizza (candles on the pizza) and ice cream sundaes Mattingly's 3rd birthday!! She kept the icing on her lips because she said it was her white lipstick!! Blowing out the candle!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Well I finally gave in...

Well I have finally given into the blogging world!! I've always said no I'm not going to do that, I don't have time!! BUT after reading several different ones and one friend (AHR) kept telling me to do it, I thought hey I can give this a try! What can it hurt, right?? So here I sit...blogging!!
A little about me... I graduated from Freed Hardeman in May of 2008, completely unsure as to where I was going once I graduated! But I knew I would figure it out! And I did...here I am in Columbia, TN! NEVER EVER thought this is where I would be but it was in God's plan! I'm a teacher and coach at Columbia Academy. This is just my second year teaching but I absolutely love it. I have 3rd grade and it's great! I have always always wanted to be a teacher. I come from a teaching family- mom, brother, and several aunts and uncles are teachers. I always played school when I was little. I thought I was the coolest kid on the farm (can't say block cause I'm a country girl) because I would have my mom's old teachers manuals!! So I was the girl that went to college and from day one I knew what I wanted to do and didn't change my major 4 different times! I coach the girls junior high soccer team. I have played soccer all of my life and loved it! When I went to college I chose not to play and boy did I miss it. When I was asked to coach soccer at CA I was a bit hesitant and nervous. I was already the assistant girls high school basketball coach. It was my first year teaching and coaching 2 sports- I didn't think it would be possible...but I said YES to soccer and I'm so happy I did. Funny story- I was ALSO asked to coach junior high softball- ha ha I had to say NO to that one!!! It was like hey it's the new teacher, she'll say YES to EVERYTHING...ha negative! It wasn't my goal to go crazy my first year in the real world. But I didn't go crazy! It was a great first year all around wonderful. This year I'm only coaching soccer- and its wonderful!! I actually have some free time now! Whew- first blog done!! I think I'm going to like this!! Have a great day!