Just Passin' Through

Friday, April 9, 2010

My 2 favorite kids...

Today I got to see my niece and nephew- Mattingly & McCoy. I absolutely love these kids and haven't seen them since February!! I hate being so far away from them, but so thankful for the time that I do get to spend with them. I went down today couldn't wait to play. And we did just that!! On my way down there my sister in law calls and said that Mattingly wanted a corn dog, so I stopped at Sonic and got her a corndog! She loved it and McCoy got one too. Then I had their Easter baskets from Nana & Poppy (my parents) so we got right into the candy! These two LOVE candy! They also had bubble blower guns- they have a thing for bubbles. So we played with bubbles for a while and yes I had bubbles all over me, jeans covered in it but did I care- NO WAY!! We were having to much fun. Then we just played and played. Worked some puzzles, played on the Zippity, played with the baby dolls(a BabyAlive doll that you feed and then they "fill their diaper" well this one got it all over me so adding to the bubbles all over me now i had nasty baby alive food on me!!)- you know just a little of it all! Then we decided to go outside. Both love to walk so we got the wagon out and went for a "short walk". My brother Matthew and I and Hannah got the wagon for Christmas. They love it- Mattingly have to have me to pull her in the wagon. She also wanted to pull McCoy! After the walk we went back and blew some big bubbles, played on the swing set and had a mini kick ball game!! Then came my favorite thing-playing with side walk chalk!!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!! We all drew pictures and Mattingly's favorite thing was to draw a baseball for her daddy!! Precious!! Awesome time outside! They LOVE being outside! I can't wait to spend time with them this summer- they're at the perfect ages 3 and 18 months!!
When we went back inside we played ring around the rosie, hide and seek and by far my favorite thing, Mattingly has a CD with kids church songs on it and she sang!! WOW she is one amazing girl!! :) I loved hearing her sing the songs! And McCoy even knew some of them!! Then it was back to more hide and seek!! She is so funny playing this game!! And we ended the night with a tea party!! Pretty successful day if you as me!! The worst part was saying bye! McCoy was already sleeping but Mattingly gave me the biggest hugs and kisses!! Saying bye is aways the worst! All good things must come to an end...I suppose!!
I'm so thankful for Mattingly and McCoy! They're are super special to me! I can't believe how fast they're growing up! I feel like just yesterday Mattingly was born and I stayed up all night at the hospital, went to my classes all day at FHU, and then back the hospital!! And never seemed tired- I think I was on a high!! ha They're such a blessing to me and I love having them around to help me appreciate the little things in life!! And most importantly I'm thankful that they're healthy little kiddos!!
Here are a few pictures from the days adventures!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In my Spare time..

Over spring break I decided I needed something to do...so I decided to make a diaper wreath for a lady at school who is having a baby. I have seen these before but never attempted to make one before. My cousin had one at her baby shower and I got to looking it at and I thought...I can do that!! So I did! I got a metal wreath hanger from Hobby Lobby. Then I got some diapers, wash cloths, pacifiers, teething ring, baby spoon and fork, travel size lotion, baby powder, and shampoo, and some baby hair bows. After i got all the diapers on I just went back and tied the other things on. Then my aunt helped me make the bow. I also decided to put the baby's name in the middle. So I found some small wooden letters at Michael's and painted them pink and hung them down the middle with purple ribbon.

I love making things like this! I also love to make candy wreaths or letters. I use a regular metal clothes hanger and shape it into a circle and then with metal floral wire tie on the candy. I've done a peppermint one and a bubble gum one! Really cute!! Also for my brother and sister in laws wedding I made a candy "T" My dad had some metal and shape and welded it to a T and then I wrapper it with jolly ranchers! They used it at the reception and hung it over the candy table!! It turned out really good!! But just took FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! and had TONS of jolly ranchers on it!!