Just Passin' Through

Thursday, October 14, 2010

God's Plans

Wow- I can’t believe I have gone so long without blogging. I will finish the second part of the Honduras one ASAP. But first…
I know that God has a plan for all of us and sometimes it is hard seeing that plan right away or we don’t like what HE has planned for us. But this has really hit home with me lately. I am into my 3rd year teaching at Columbia Academy, which I just knew after my first year I would leave…but year 3 and I’m still around. I prayed and prayed a lot about what do this year and I stayed at CA, that was in God’s plan. This has been a tough year needless to say- but I am making with the help of God.
This has become one of my favorite verses- Jer. 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I have a little girl in my class, Sammi, her mom has been very sick with cancer. At the first of the school year I was told she wasn’t given much time to live. This was very hard for me to grasp, I couldn’t imagine watching my mom die with cancer at the young age of 8 years old. I have prayed for this family constantly, they are great. Sammi has a sister in 5th grade and a brother in kindergarten. I had her sister a little bit when we switched classes my first year. They are so precious. A couple weeks ago we got word that the mom was not doing very well and wasn’t expected to make it through the week that literally broke my heart. I immediately starting trying to think of what I can do…all I knew to do was pray and love those precious little kids. One afternoon Sammi stayed with me after school so I could help her with homework and finish a project- obviously getting help at home was out of the question. A week ago today we got word that the mom had gone into a coma. We have been on fall break for 2 weeks so I have not been in Columbia. It really made me sad to know these kids are home watching their mom pass way. I just constantly prayed and prayed. This past Friday morning I got a text early saying that she has passed away. She definitely was a fighter until the end. I knew that without a doubt that I would go to the funeral. So Sunday night I get there for visitation and we are waiting in the lobby before it was time to go in and Sammi comes out of the room the family was in, she was crying with her grandmother. Several of us were just standing around; some of my students had gone up and was talking to her. Then she sees me and she starts running towards me and just jumps into my arms buries her head in my shoulder and starts bawling- it was at that moment that I realized this is the reason I was at Columbia Academy this year. I just held her and let her cry. I couldn’t tell you how many times already this year should to crawl in my lap at school and just cry. It always made me sad to think that she was going though. So when she jumped into my arms I was really struggling to hold back the tears, but I knew I had to be strong for her. And I was only with the help of God! After a little while she was better and was playing with other kids at the funeral home. Monday at the funeral, it was sad!! But the preacher really talked about how she was a fighter until the end and she may not be in their home anymore but she will always be in their hearts. Then he read something that each kid wrote to their mom- it was so sad!! BUT they were able to focus on all the good times!! I’m so thankful God has used me to help with this family and precious Sammi. This is a special family and they will be needing lots of prayers! Please pray for them. The will have many hard days, weeks, months, and years to come!!
Cancer is awful and here lately it is starting to hit closer to home and it scares me. One of my good friend’s dad was just diagnosed with very aggressive brain cancer!! I just pray that we can find a cure for this awful illness!! I know too many people who have lost their battle with it BUT I also know several who beat cancer too! And lots more that are still fighting it and I pray they can beat it too!! Please say a special prayer for everyone that you know who has cancer, lost a loved one to caner, or is a survivor, and for doctors to be able to find a cure!!