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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1 more day til...


I feel like it was just yesterday I was landing back in the states from an amazing mission trip and now I'm off again!!! However, this year is a little different...my brother, sister in law, or mom are unable to go!! This will be my first time to leave the country without one of them...but I'm ready to just be there! My cousin Taylor is going with me. I know that he is excited and we will have a great time. I do not know many people going this year so it will be interesting...however I am going over there to serve others!
I cannot thank God enough for this opportunity! This is my third time to go and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I’m thankful for my parents who have supported me throughout the years and instilled this love to help others in me. I’m thankful for churches, family, and friends for their financial support. And most importantly I’m thankful for the prayers and for this being part of God’s plan for me in my life.
We fly out of Nashville at 6 AM Friday morning and will return July 4. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!

This blog will give updates while we are over there:

Thanks for the prayers!!

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  1. Have fun! Will be praying for you and your group :)